Wednesday, June 23, 2010

UTLEAD Experiences!!?!!

UTLEAD has given me some great experiences to start off with before college. UTLEAD has done so much, I do not even have enough space or time to tell everything. My summer probably would have been unproductive, and more laid back without UTLEAD. I was at home receiving information and hearing about what college is about or going to be about. UTLEAD gave me the opportunity to experience college and to get to know about it by creating my own experiences. UTLEAD gave me an opportunity to get ahead of the rest of the freshman and become more equipped with the campus. I have begun taking my general education classes which is a major plus, and I know where to go to if I have a question. I have also begun getting use to living on campus. When I enter UTKnox this fall semester, I will not be an ordinary freshman. I know where my classes are, shortcuts around campus, and I was able to get my housing information together while I was here. My first day here I would have been lost and looking real ridiculous trying to find my way on this big campus, which involves so much walking. UTLEAD is not only preparing me for my classes but they also are giving me some great fun experiences, such as white water rafting. White water rafting was so amazing. Experiences such as this one will stay with someone like me for a long time. Thanks UTLEAD!!!! :-)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Career Services Experience

Career Services was very informative, but it did not grasp my attention. It would have been more interesting if I did not know the information she was discussing. Some of the information she discussed I already knew about from my own research and observation. I already looked up my major and I know I do not know everything about it, but she was telling me things I already knew. I did not disturb class, because some people did not know this information. She did give me some great websites, which I will use throughout the school year. The information she told me about myself was correct or very close. For the most part Career Services was not interesting to me, but if have a question I will not hesitate to ask.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What stands out about college???

College most definitely differs from high school and especially elementary. The first thing that grasps my attention is how in high school or elementary, you might have had people there who did not want to learn or who did not want to be there. In college you do not have that option. You are not being forced to go to college. If you do not want to be there, then you do not have to. College costs a lot of money and only those who truly want to be there will remain. In high school or elementary you had lunch time with free food provided – there is no lunch time in college and no free food. In college you have to be very independent. Elementary and high school prepares you for college, while college prepares you for life “the real world.” This is what stands out the most about college to me. What do you think stands out the most?